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How to get started with Coaching

All this sounds great, but unsure how to get started? Follow this suggested outline.

Read up on Coaching

Look at the client testimonials on my page, but also go and search the web for others who can share how and why coaching had a powerful impact on their leadership. It is also always a good idea to research what can go wrong and what to look out for to identify a good coach.


Read up on me

If you think I would be a good fit for you, take some time to browse this website. Read my coaching philosophy, the about me page, my qualifications and 10 things that make me an asset to you to get a better feel for who I am as a person and coach, as well as what experiences and background I bring to the table.


My Service Offers

Take a look at the packages I offer and at what prices, to see if my offers work with your budget and the timelines you have in mind. You can find them here.


Contact me for an

exploratory conversation

Contact me to set up an exploratory call or face-to-face meeting in Chiang Mai. We will meet to discuss what our coaching engagement could look like, what package works best for you and spend some time to discover if we are a good fit.

Get in Touch

David R. Landes Executive Coach

186/67 Soi 5 World Club Land
Nong Khwai Hang Dong
Chiang Mai 50230
Kingdom of Thailand

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