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My Service Offers

Please find the various services and packages I offer below. I coach on a variety of topics and situations (this is just a sample list)

Topics: Senior Leadership, Middle Management, Transitions, Time Management, Priorities, Strategic Thinking, Team Dynamics, Change Management...

Camping in the Wilderness


Exploratory Conversation

Exploratory video call or face-to-face meeting in Chiang Mai to explore if we are a good fit as coach and client and what shape our coaching could take.



6 Session Package

6 Sessions as a package, to be used within 6 months. Most often this is spread out over 6 months (1 session each month) but sometimes it may also be more beneficial to have a session every 2 weeks, in which case the package is complete after 3 months. Each session is 45-60 minutes long. Payment upfront, T&C apply.


Taking Notes
Informational Interview


12 Session package

Like the name indicates this package is for 12 sessions to be used within 12 months. Everything else is the same as in the 6 Session package.



Ad Hoc Session

For clients without a package or whose package is used up but they would like to book individual or additional packages. This offer is for a single session only.  Payment upfront, T&C apply.

45 - 60 Minutes

111 $

up to 90 Minutes

150 $

Business Meeting
Construction Workers


Mentor-Coaching/ Supervision

Mentor-Coaching and Supervision for Coaches looking to improve their coaching practice or looking to get certified. Sold in packages of 3 sessions, 60 minutes each. T&C apply.

450 $


Team & Group Coaching

Team and group coaching packages, tailored to your specific needs. Usually these will include a combination of sessions with the whole team and individual sessions with team members. Group coaching is not about a team working towards a common goal but might be around a common issue such as various people going through personal or professional transitions.

Team Meeting

inquire for pricing

Reading Notes


Training Facilitation

I facilitate various trainings for your team, around the topics of working as a team, understanding each other and one self better : Team Roles, Personality Tests, Leadership Types etc. I can also facilitate your in-house trainings as needed.

inquire for pricing and more details

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