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Why Coaching is the right fit for you

My coaching engagements are tailor-made to your specific needs and circumstances. This means tools and approaches used in any given coaching session depend on you, the client, your unique circumstance, need and setting. I believe in practicing a client-centered approach to coaching. You are unique. Hence, I do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach or tool.  

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You consider yourself to be a lifelong learner. You are the expert in your own life and you learn about the things you are interested in. You learn what you deem valuable towards the goals you intend to accomplish. You are actively engaged in your own development in order to accomplish results through your actions.  


You are resourceful. You have gifts, abilities and other resources. As the coach I will be non-directive and responsible for the process, while you own and direct the content of the coaching change process. This means, I focus mostly on helping you realize where you are, think about where you want to be and ask open questions to elicit how you intend to make necessary adjustments to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. I will help you set smart goals, analyze current circumstances and hindrances to successfully reach targets.  

As a business consultant, entrepreneur and leader in various ventures myself, I have discovered the value of asking open questions and empowering co-workers, staff and superiors by giving them the opportunity to own decisions and helping them see things from different angles. My clients can testify that I ask open questions, actively listen to them and provide feedback and reflections on what I observe throughout the coaching conversation. But I do not direct them in their actions, rather I want my clients to own their actions and realize that they have the resources - gifts, knowledge, relationships and wisdom - to solve issues they are dealing with.  


As a client you display a willingness to pursue change and openness for self reflection. Heightened awareness births desire for change. Together, we deem the coaching process a success, if your shift in perspective and understanding leads towards action.

Where my coaching philosophy or personality does not gel well with a client, I refer them to colleagues. I am not a counselor. Should a professional counselor be in need, I will refer these clients to better suited professionals. 


As a follower of Jesus, the path to spiritual and personal growth is the realization that we are created in the image of God, are richly blessed with gifts and talents and are called to use them to their full extent. This realization and practice leads to feeling fully alive. In my experience, assisting people in discovering their own innate ability to overcome hurdles, realize their God-given potential and seize opportunities in front of them leads to freedom, growth and an explosion in possibility. As a coach I am passionate about opening this world of opportunity to you. 


Here are 10 things from my life and ministry experience that I bring to coaching that makes me an asset to you. 

what my clients say...

"The coaching journey has been the highlight of my year. I’ve learned a lot about self awareness, making decisions and sticking to those decisions."

Martha S.

Country Director at an NGO in Central Asia


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