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Helping Hand



Passionate About Inspiring Others

Laos is a place full of incredible people, but also many challenges. It is among the poorest nations of the world. David's businesses were set up with a long term perspective and for the greater good.

"It is my belief that we are in this world for a greater purpose: Knowing and glorifying God. This understanding guides everything I do." David Landes

David walks alongside leaders who want to make a difference in this world through their businesses and projects. Everyone needs a companion, when on a journey. Learning together is what it's all about.

Cross cultural experiences have been formative for David. Born 1977 in the Netherlands, he spent his early childhood in Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivoire. In Germany, his home country, David gathered experience with small business consulting and event management. Given the opportunity, he travelled Southeast Asia extensively and settled in Laos in 2005.

Believing that businesses are uniquely postitioned to bring about positive change, David was intimately involved in founding a number of businesses in Laos and consulted numerous entrepreneurs as they set out on their journeys. He learned a lot in various consulting capacities at different companies and NGO's.

David is convinced that businesses can act as catalyst for social, economic, environmental and spirtiual change. Besides executive coaching, David continues to work as an enterpreneur and consultant. 

Learn more about how what Coaching is, by reading or watching my coaching philosophy.

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), issued by the ICF (2021 - Present) 

  • Founder and CEO of Dalando Business Solutions (2002 - Present) 

  • Co-Founder and Virtual Team Leader at Mekong Service Hub (2002 - Present)

  • Founder and CEO of T.A. Online Training (2020 - Present)

  • Executive Coach since 2018 

  • Graduated from the International Leadership Coaching Academy (2019)

  • Co-Founder of Starbooks Book Cafe, Vientiane (2014, CEO until 2018)

  • Founder of Asiastar Business Consultants, Vientiane (2010, CEO until 2020)

  • Co-Founder of Phongsavann Learning Center, Luang Prabang (2008, Director until 2010)

  • Working in South and Southeast Asia since 2002

  • Working in Business Consulting since 1999

  • Working in Crosscultural teams since 1997

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