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10 things from my life and work experience that I bring to coaching that makes me an asset to you
Image by Emma Gossett

Without Roots

I grew up as a third culture kid (TCK) in West Africa, mother Dutch, father German. English is the 4th language I learned (although now I only remember the bad words of the tribal African language I once spoke ). I know what it means to be without roots.

Image by Javier Allegue Barros

Constant Change

I am familiar with constant change. I have lived on 3 continents, in 6 countries, 20+ houses, worked many jobs from bartender, to paper boy to logistics person for TeenStreet Europe to what I do today. Put me in a village anywhere in the world and I will enjoy myself. Put me in a megacity and I will enjoy myself just as much.

Image by Affan Shaikh

Limited Resources

Growing up, my parents depended on the generosity of others, as do we today. Like St. Paul, I can make due with a little or live in abundance. I don’t mind spending the big bucks, but am also content with the little we usually have.

Image by Rene Bernal


I am a father of 4, married since 2004 and understand what it means to raise a family in not the simplest circumstances with little support networks, on a budget, in a poor nation (where there isn't a rooster of child friendly activities to choose from every weekend).

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Having lead a team of 30+ adults and overseing an organization with annual turn over of 500k$ I had to learn to appreciate all the details that come with it, like accounting, challenging issues with people etc. - Working with unpaid volunteers is a specialty field that requires unique management skills.

Image by Jo Szczepanska

Organizational Development

Founding businesses-for-transformation in a communist country allowed me to watch pioneering intitatives grow as the Lord brought in people, resources and opened many doors. 15 years ago it was my pregnant wife and I. Today structures and departments with potential for lots more have emerged.

Image by Bryan Burgos


I have founded/co-founded various business-for-transformation initiatives, lead and managed a number of them, handed day-to-day business over etc. some are successfull, others might fail. This includes fund raising, business planning, hiring, product development, marketing etc. - the whole gamut. But apart from practical experience I also studied business management in Germany.

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Leadership is "the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.” Having worked on different teams, projects and businesses for over 20 years, but also working with a regional initiatives, and on various boards and diverse committees gave me a broad view of leadership, under various leaders but also as leader myself.

Image by Oladimeji Odunsi

Cross Cultural Communications

I have a fairly good grasp of the issue (as far as one can) and have extensive experience with cross cultural teams. I like to say we have had people from all continents on our team except Antarctica: no penguins yet. In my adult life I have worked with people from all over the world. Growing up, I already developed a sensibility for this subject.

Image by Milada Vigerova

I know my own limitations

This list sounds really great and amazing and is true. But I also know that my understanding is limited and there are many things I do not understand at all. I do not suggest that I know it all (or know it best) and am open to learn. This is a valuable thing for you, as I can lean back and let you discover your own learning, being aware and humble enough to believe that I too can learn with and from you.

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